Why Happy Hills Hounds

Donna, the founder of Happy Hills Hounds, lives locally in the hills and is a true animal and nature lover.  Having left her former life as an accomplished aerial acrobat performing worldwide she has returned to Australia to pursue her passion for working with animals and in particular dogs.  She is always learning from a variety of dog experts from around the world and has recently become a certified professional dog trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy.   She uses only positive reinforcement methodology when she works with the dogs and now that she is certified she will also be offering Day Training packages where she will teach the dogs first and then impart that knowledge onto the owner. 

If you'd like to find out more feel free to send Donna a message or call her on 0424 240 984

OUR vision

 -  To improve the lives of dogs in the hills and to help owners’ understand, connect with and appreciate the animals in their care.  We don't just ask for the dogs’ co-operation we ask of ourselves to listen, observe and understand

 – To offer your dog the best chance of success in their development by offering the most up-to-date reward based training methods that encourage good manners and self-control, which in turn allows the dog to become confident.  A confident dog is a happy dog and a dog’s happiness is contagious.   We will offer a high level of service by being available, caring, understanding, reliable, trustworthy and be willing to help.   We are good at reading body language; sensing what is happening for the dog i.e. his/her emotional state and we will manage any potentially stressful situation that may arise during the walks so that the dog doesn’t have to take the matter into his/her own paws.  We are strong, consistent & concise leaders.


Donna loves dogs!!!!! I often spend time with Donna and the dogs that she's minding or walking and I see such a bond between them. She's a natural!! Anyone who is considering using Donna for walking or training their dogs will be assured that their pooches will come back to them relaxed and happy!    Carol Tregonning

Donna used to work for me in my pet business. She has now branched out on her own with Happy Hills Hounds. Donna is a natural with animals of all types (domestic and wild) and is currently studying with Delta Society to consolidate her knowledge and experience. I'm very happy to recommend her to care for your pet/s.    Nicole Stevens 

Donna has looked after our beautiful old dog Bella and she couldn't have been in more loving and safe hands! I would recommend her to all without a second thought.    Michael Tregonning

Donna is a great doggie walker and minder.  So great with pets I fully recommend her services.  She walks my Minda weekly which has been so good for her to feel confident amongst other doggies!!!    Robert Stephen

Donna has been walking our dogs for over 18 months and is much loved by them. They enjoy their walks and love her company when she housesits.  Donna is reliable, a true animal lover and always happy to help. I recommend her highly.    Martina Best from Amazing Greys 

Donna walked my dog regularly from the time he was a puppy to when we moved overseas  when he was was 12 months old. He also stayed some weekends with Donna when I went away. My dog is now 7, super steady, and great with other dogs and people.  I have no doubt that Donna's very calm, clear and loving way with him as a puppy helped build the foundation that means he is so steady now.  I am still very grateful for the support that Donna provided to me and my dog at that time. Catherine Jones

We have 100% trust in Donna each time we leave our beloved Kelpie X Border Collie with her. He loves his time there too, particularly as he gets to play with his friend Neo.  Donna is helping us with training as well, which we greatly appreciate.  It's so comforting to know that we have a safe second home for him whenever we're out of town. We would recommend Happy Hills Hounds to anyone!  Cheers :) Lucy Spartalis

Donna is wonderful with dogs!  She has exactly the kind of qualities that a conscientious and devoted dog owner wants and needs from a person looking after their precious dog!  She is calm, kind and gentle, attuned to the dogs she's looking after, and is also firm, strong and consistent in approach.  A dog in Donna's care gets reinforcement of appropriate behaviour through reward and encouragement, and sensitive understanding of any problems that arise.  Donna is also a pleasure for human animals to relate to.  She's flexible, trustworthy, reliable and always easy to deal with.  Our experience with Happy Hills Hounds goes back some years with Donna taking both our standard poodles for regular walks and has looked after them overnight and on occasion for quite lengthy holiday stays.  They are very different dogs with one being young, lively, boisterous and very smart - quite a handful - and the other being elderly, a bit grumpy, and set in her ways.  Donna relates so beautifully to them both, and they always return home happy and relaxed, having benefited from their time with her.  We recommend Happy Hills Hounds highly and wholeheartedly to any dog owner looking for help in dog walking and training.  You will not regret entrusting Donna with your beloved dog.  Elizabeth Taylor

Some Happy Hills Hounds 

our areas

We do dog walking in the following areas: - 

Sassafras, Ferny Creek, Kallista, Olinda, Mount Dandenong, Kalorama,Belgrave,

The Patch, Tecoma, Tremont, Upwey, Upper Ferntree Gully

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